Anju Bhargava is currently a Senior Vice President at Bank of America. Earlier, she had launched Global Synergy Associates, an international management consulting firm working at the intersection of Enterprise Risk Management, Business Transformation and Organization Management through a combination of both business and human levers. She is currently a member on President Obama's Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and is the founder of Hindu American Seva Charities..

Anju began her career over two decades ago as a banker and has held senior level positions in Corporate America. She is a people, process, technology and bottom-line oriented creative self starter with experience in a broad range of markets and services. Anju has worked at and consulted for diverse companies including Bear Stearns Asset Management, BB&T Bank,  IBM Global Services, Fleet Bank, NatWest USA, Chase Manhattan Bank, Johnson & Johnson family, Healthcare entities, Booz Allen, MONY, US government agencies, GenPact (India).

Anju has provided management consulting and thought leadership to alleviate customer pain points. She has worked extensively in enhancing enterprise/operational and credit risk management infrastructures, She created efficient and effective customer-centric, end-to-end, process models to facilitate delivery of products and services supporting cross-functional continuous improvement, process innovation and measurement l(KRIs, KPIs) leveraging outsourced capabilities.  She is an
IBM certified Process and Organization Management consultant.


At NatWest, Anju was tapped by Office of the Chair to evaluate enterprise wide credit processes.  She identified major control break points and quantified causal factors of loan/credit losses of over $1billion.  The high impact, internationally cited study, “An Experiment in Capturing the Most Valued Intangible: Knowledge” was well received by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC).  It was published by RMA Journal (2001 in US, 2003 in Brazil). The findings influenced enterprise-wide change to strengthen credit culture, process controls and integrated loan processing system with analytics. At BB&T Bank in a Change Management role she augmented BB&T’s goal to be Basel II ready by developing risk solutions to enhance the credit infrastructure.  At BSAM, Anju recommended enhancements to business architecture incorporating ERM/Operational Risk Management concepts and overhauled specific end to end processes resulting in reduced errors.


At NatWest, as a Commercial Banker, Anju managed lending relationships to leasing companies in the Mid-West.  She evaluated the domestic emerging market and identified opportunities for Fleet Bank to gain market share through increased outreach to diverse ethnic and minority communities in its footprint. (She received Fleet’s prestigious “Strategies for Success” Award). At IBM she augmented organic and inorganic growth research initiative, to identify multi-billion dollar new products/offerings, resulting in a successful acquisition of Daksh, a premier BPO in India. She enhanced NatWest Leasing Corp and developed securitization product.


Anju has coached and mentored talent and enhanced leadership development both in the Corporate and Community arenas. She is a pioneer in addressing issues facing women and Asian American professionals. Early on in her career, she developed the first Indian professional network with Executives in Corporate America.  She has developed an Executive Education program,  Chakravyuhu or the labyrinth, a program for mentoring women to make the "step-change" in their careers in the Corporate World. She launched the program at Genpact (India). Anju taught Organization Management at Rutgers Business School and is currently a Fellow at the Department of Accounting, Business Ethics and Information Systems where she is working to frame thoughts on risk assurance and current research issues in Enterprise Risk Management.


A change catalyst pioneer, Anju Bhargava has worked to build healthy American communities. Her distinctive research based approach leverages best practices from many spheres - education, government/politics, civic/social, religious/faith based, corporate/business. Anju was the only Indian-American to serve in the Community Builder Fellowship, President Clinton’s White House initiative. She conducted the first comprehensive assessment of immigrants need in New Jersey which became the foundation for many government and community organizations programs. She was recognized by the Partnership for New Jersey and Governor Whitman. Currently she is working with the Livingston Township and Board of Education to create cross-cultural inclusion infrastructure and integrate diverse residents, New Americans and Visible Minorities, while enhancing Livingston Township’s cultural capital and property values.


Anju is a graduate of Stella Maris College, Madras University India and Rutgers University (MBA), with training at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, American University, Kellogg, Graduate School of Management and Dale Carnegie Institute. She has provided thought leadership in the public and private sectors. She has conducted workshops, presented and published papers at many venues, including The Conference Board. She is a contributor to Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees Within by E. Gundling, A. Zanchettini. She is a recipient of numerous awards. 



Over the last two decades as a change catalyst pioneer and social entrepreneur she has worked to “make a difference” on many fronts.


Anju  has worked extensively promoting multiculturalism and diversity in many arenas, including The Conference Board, AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), City of New York, State of New Jersey.  She is a pioneer in bridging and creating greater cross cultural understanding and dialogues within the Asian American, South Asian and mainstream communities. 


In the community arena, Anju served as a Community Builder Fellow, for President Clinton’s White House initiative (1998-2000) where she fostered partnerships, facilitated economic, workforce and business development leading to employment of over 100 people. She was recognized by the Partnership for New Jersey and Governor Whitman.  In 2006, she initiated Utsava, the 1st Festival of India in Winston Salem, NC, an event linked with Winston Salem's strategic direction to revitalize downtown and enhance bio-science workforce development, and with North Carolina's global education vision and goals for school children.


She has advised Livingston Township and the Board of Education in developing diversity and inclusion strategies to integrate multicultural residents while enhancing the Township’s image and resulting property values.  She has organized community based affinity groups and created a language and cultural education infrastructure to facilitate adaptation and integration.   First and only Indian-American elected to Livingston Township’s Democratic Council Committee (1996 – 2000)


Anju initiated/developed the 1st Indian-American women’s organization in North America, Asian Indian Women in America (AIWA) which, with the City of New York, organized the 1st job fair for new underserved communities in 1986; formed the 1st networking forum in New York for South Asians in Corporate America in 1988; with Asia Society,  formed the 1st leadership symposium "Connecting with America" for South Asian American Women in 1999. She was a founding member of NJ Corporate Diversity Network, an initiative formed with Partnership for New Jersey to "maximize effectiveness of diversity initiatives to enhance business results and positively affect our communities and the economy".


She co-started Asian Indians in Livingston and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. initiative. As a Steering Committee and co-founding member she worked to have a holiday to honor Martin Luther King and to make it be a day of community service as a “Day on, not a Day off in January 1, 2001. Later, the Committee was formally expanded to become an inclusive Township Diversity Advisory Committee to celebrate inclusion of all.  

Anju is a Pujari who is bridging philosophy and rituals.  She has served in the Livingston’s Interfaith Clergy Association since the mid 1990s. She volunteers at St. Barnabas Pastoral Care Department to meet patients needs. 


Currently she assisting in expanding CHOW – Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse.  (Livingston’s interfaith community supports CHOW, such that any person of any faith has to go to only one faith based service center which is in a local church. He/She and has access to the resources of all faith based communities and organizations in town).  


Anju recently co-founded Hindu American Seva Charities Its aims as a coalition of Seva Center within temples, ashrams and service based organizations, is to promote the development of social services for our growing community. HASC was developed with the guidance of Ofice of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (OFBNP) and is a service partner with Serve America programs (SAP). She is working to bring awareness of Community Building in a Dharmic Environment.


Contact: apbhargava@aol.com